What is Acupuncture Ring?

  Acupuncture ring is a personal (pocket) massage tool a.k.a. "Chinese Medicine Ring".
   As you can see from its name, massage ring leverages ancient Chinese knowledge about energy channels (meridians).
   By rolling acupuncture ring up and down a finger, you activate meridians that are located on a surface (sides) of the fingers.
   It is a great tool to have handy during the hectic day - whether you use it to reduce stress before an important meeting, or energize yourself during a long day.
   Made out of stainless steel. one size fits all.

(See complete list of the benefits below)


Acupuncture Ring's Benefits

  • Activates, invigorates acupuncture meridians
  • Naturally boosts energy
  • Helps concentration, awareness
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Durable, portable and effective

How does Acupuncture Ring Work

Acupuncture ring is very easy massage tool to use. Simply rolling the ring up and down your fingers will activate numerous acupuncture points (that rarely used otherwise).

  • start massage with your thumb
  • roll the ring up-and-down 3-7 times
  • connect index finger with thumb to make "OK" sign
  • roll acupuncture ring off your thumb to the index finger
  • to move to the next finger - roll the ring to the thumb first
  • then connect-and-roll to the next finger

Tip: Using your thumb as an intermediate destination will prevent the ring from springing out of your hands.

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